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What is Hospice Music?
Music has the mysterious capacity to touch the deepest aspects of our humanity and to move the soul. Playing live music for terminally ill patients enhances their quality of life at the end of life. As a complementary palliative care service, music can be used therapeutically to address the multi-dimensional needs of the hospice patient, touching mind, body and spirit simultaneously. Music also provides a vehicle for family members and loved ones of the dying patient to communicate without words.

Using a combination of voice and classical guitar, Marcia Guntzel Feldman chooses music to suit the needs and wishes of the hospice patient and his or her family. Some people request classical music while others prefer hymns, jazz, folk, ethnic music and religious songs from various faiths.

Ms. Feldman is a professional musician and performs internationally. With a strong interest in human service, she has also used music as a therapeutic tool with autistic children and adults, Alzheimer's patients, people recuperating from surgery, the elderly and school children. She is available for hospice music visits with the terminally ill in their homes, in hospitals, nursing homes and hospices.

Benefits of Hospice Music

redballPromotes well-being, relaxation, comfort, relief, serenity, inner peace and acceptance
redballDecreases the perception of physical and emotional pain, tension, suffering and anxiety
redballAids in the life review process by stimulating memories of significant events
redballCreates a soothing atmosphere that enables the patient to rest deeply and prepare for death
redballEncourages hope and reassurance
redballAddresses spirituality and faith
redballFacilitates the bereavement process
redballServes as emotional support for loved ones
redballHelps develop meaningful communication at the end of life
redballProvides a non-verbal way for loved ones to be together

Comments from Families:
 Since 1993 Marcia Guntzel Feldman has been the Hospice Musician at Sherrill House, a 164 bed, not-for-profit skilled nursing facility located in Boston. Some comments from patients' family members are:

"Your lovely music, both at my mother's bedside and at the memorial service, was such a comfort to us."
 -Carol Hulsizer

 "Just wanted to thank you again for the time that you spent with all of us as my mother was preparing for her journey 'home'. Your music and singing were of great comfort to us, and such a beautiful accompaniment for Mother's journey."
 -Rosemarie Ouillette

 "There is one person...who touched our hearts over and over with her knowing what and when to sing and play - Marcia. I am deeply greatful for her presence."
 -Francis M. Doughty

 "Thank you for your beautiful music and your love. You helped (mother) begin her journey to paradise with your beautiful voice."
 -Barbara Johnston

Ordering Information

CD's & Cassette Tapes:
To pay by check, send $12 for a cassette tape and $17 for a Compact Disc to the address below. Shipping and handling is included. Please make checks payable to "Marcia Feldman"

Marcia Feldman
P.O. Box 4134
Dedham, MA 02027-4134